Jason Heck


Jason partners with CEOs and talent leaders across the technology spectrum, with a focus on building out Parker Remick’s expansion into Private Equity. His functional expertise is across the C-suite (CTO, CPO, CISO, CIO), with domain expertise in helping SaaS & marketplace companies to grow their revenue from the 100s of millions into the billions. Jason is an expert at establishing genuine connections between people, companies, and opportunities. He loves to help people better understand their goals and what they can do to achieve them. Over the last fourteen years, he’s helped many companies find leaders to fuel their business growth. His clients include Square, EA, Fandom, Slickdeals, Storable, Dynamo, Podium, Syndio, Smartsheet, Turo, SES, BrainPOP, and many others.

Outside the office, Jason enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two active boys. He’s a daily practitioner of yoga and meditation and trying to bring easy presence into his work and home life.

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