Chuck Ritter

Board Member

Chuck Ritter is a board member and former Managing Partner at Parker Remick. Prior to Parker Remick, his varied experience included leading a boutique consulting firm of 800 people, co-founding a startup, and cutting his teeth in his first 10 years at the world’s largest management consulting firm. He’s been a developer, launched products, reengineered processes, optimized sales efficacy, and built successful teams from 1 to 100+.

His passion is shaping culture and growing our business by aligning the professional motivations of our people with the vision and strategies of our business. His teams have been recognized as Best Places to Work for small, mid-sized and large companies, women, and millennials.

Outside work, Chuck serves on the board of NatureBridge, plays drums, dabbles in software development, enjoys yoga and spends a great deal of time with his wife and two sons. Fun Fact about Chuck: He is a reluctant dog-owner that caters to each whim of said dog and is followed throughout his house for his efforts.

Chuck holds a BS in Communications with a minor in Journalism from South Dakota State University and an M.B.A.

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