Our statement on racial justice

Parker Remick believes that every Black life is precious and that every person has an immediate part to play in social change. Over thousands of years, the march toward dignity, legal personhood, and the equal protection of rights has come at unfathomable costs and robbed the world of enormous human potential. To accelerate the velocity of change, we must reform the institutions and mindsets that perpetuate racial injustice.

As ever, change begins within. Parker Remick will build a better-informed employee community that welcomes and supports members who have a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. We will continue to offer paid time off for civic engagement and volunteering, match donations, sponsor guest speakers, host diversity and inclusion lunch-and-learns, and foster greater diversity throughout the business.

We also recommit ourselves to listening to and understanding the perspectives of diverse candidates, client hiring teams, and partners. Our recruiting and advisory practices will improve as we heighten our focus on racial justice—and, we will share what we learn.

Thank you for partnering with us to support the lives and careers of Black people, indigenous peoples, and peoples of color.


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