Employee Spotlight
Jessica Fuchs

Wonder what keeps Parker Remick humming along without missing a beat? We sat down with Jessica Fuchs, Parker Remick’s Project Manager, for a little insight into her life within Parker Remick and what keeps her ticking outside of work.

Hello, Jessica! Welcome, first off can you tell us a little about how you became a project manager and what the role is like at Parker Remick?

I never thought I would be a project manager. I guess when I look back at all the things I did when I worked for a newspaper it makes sense that I went on this path. Selling, proofing, laying out ads, those are all client or customer facing, and I was front and center with the customer all the time. Here I’m behind the scenes, and even though I’m on every client call I almost never talk. I like being behind the scenes; I like being that pillar of support.

Traditionally project management involves a lot of preparation, yet in our business we move very quickly and don’t often have the luxury to set up detailed plans. I gain energy from the process. Some people could be overwhelmed with the details, but I love them. It’s kind of a game for me. So I have found ways to keep up with the team and get excited to get rolling….and keep things rolling.

Do other recruiting firms have Project Management?

I don’t think so. It appears most firms in our space have administrators and coordinators who know about the inside of searches, but there’s no one person who tracks all the searches all the time. I am also a bit of a data junkie. I am constantly looking at metrics and ways we can improve the process for our clients and our staff.

Do you find yourself project managing outside of work?

To my boyfriend’s dismay, yes. For every vacation, road-trip, or just a nice day out I seem to always have a list ready. I even keep the lists on my computer so I can re-print them each year and remember what I may have forgotten from the previous trip.

What’s the best tool or program you utilize to keep projects on time and organized?

I religiously use a task management program called Asana. It is all about checklists and collaboration. The whole team can see each other’s tasks and when they are completed. This helps me see progress on a search.

I also use our Project Headquarters — it’s tied to many other docs that all filter into one place. It shows me everything I need to know about outreach, follow-ups, and the candidate pipeline. It shows me when something may flag red or yellow so that we can head off issues before they happen.

To help keep it all organized with our clients, we use different programs based on their needs. Sometimes it’s a shared Google sheet, or a Trello board, or a collaborative Smartsheet. We’re very flexible and open to trying any tool to keep everyone on the same page.

What do you like best about working for Parker Remick?

There are so many things that I immediately think of! The top thing is people — on my team and our clients. I work with some amazing, intelligent people AND I get to interact with some really interesting companies and candidates.

What do you believe is your biggest strength?

I think the difference that I learned, and I brought into this job, was since I did so much with customers previously in my career I started to understand what they wanted, could read between the lines, read body language, or even read the tone of their voice. I’ve brought that here. I consider myself somewhat of a voice for the client.

How about one fun fact about you?

On my bio on the website there is talk of me juggling things, I cannot juggle, I’m not physically coordinated at all.

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